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Attention! SUPU moved to the new factory!

Attention! SUPU moved to the new factory!

May 29,2019

Since 1997, SUPU has been adhering to the business philosophy that we must use the best quality and deliverly time to win the trust of our customers, and we have also been moving towards this goal. Facts have proved that everyone's efforts and sweat will not be in vain, and we have ushered in breakthroughs again and again, bringing customers surprises again and again.

Now, we officially realizing the plan of moving the factory, all the employees are extremely excited, which means that the binding machine manufacture — SUPU is expanding and moving towards better direction.Our company is hiring more employees to the new factory, it means we can undertake larger order, develop more quality new products and provided a more efficient serve. At the same time, we are setting up new offices in an office block.

Today,our achievements are attributed to the trust of new and existing customers and the efforts of all things.In this new era, we follow the time steps more closely, and ultimately make our brand first-class, our company can develop in the long run.


Jingda Road ,Shanlian Development Zone , , Hangzhou , ZheJiang


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