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How to solve the problem in the process of laminating?

How to solve the problem in the process of laminating?

Jun 18,2019
In the process of laminating the laminating machine, there will be some problems, so how to solve the problem in the process of emergence?

First, the picture has a large area of ​​"smog" feeling

1. Insufficient pressure of the membrane - adjust the pressure of the cold heading machine;

2. The ends of the cold laminating machine are not flat - adjust the adjusting screw of the cold heading machine to reach the equidistance;

3. When this happens when the paper is over the paper - the surface of the paper is not flat, usually around 25 degrees, it will disappear automatically after 2-3 hours, and the higher the temperature, the faster it disappears;

4. This happens when the PP backing is applied. - If the hand touches the PP backing screen, if there is no "rough" feeling, it will be treated as described above; if B has a "rough" feeling, the PP backing needs to be replaced.

5. Glue viscosity is not good at low temperatures --a. Increase the ambient temperature used. B. Replacement of cold laminating film

Second, there is a "white point" after the screen

1. The glue is not sticky enough - a to increase the ambient temperature.

2. The glue is thin - the general distance is not long, the probability of occurrence before and after the shutdown is large, generally pulling a few meters;

3. PP adhesive surface has a "rough" feel - a replacement PP adhesive, B or use the studio film to pass the screen. ;

4. There is dust in the air--a clean operating environment, B shuts off the air or enters the wind source. ;

5. Water droplets (such as saliva) are inadvertently splashed onto the surface of the spray--a. Pay attention to the operation, especially when speaking, do not face the screen, B air temperature in a dry environment, such as: Turn on air conditioning, hot air blower or ventilation.

Third, it is very good after painting, but after a period of time (or the next day) there is a "bubble"

1. The glue is not “cooked” thoroughly, open the cold laminating film packaging, and place it in the air for 2-5 days, so that the glue is fully “cooked” under natural conditions;

2. The picture is not fully dry, especially in winter. Because of the antifreeze composition in the ink in winter, it is not easy to volatilize and completely make the picture dry. Generally, the winter time is longer than twice the summer and autumn time.


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