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Manual cutting ,gluing and binding system(W300)

Manual cutting ,gluing and binding system(W300)

Manual cutting ,gluing and binding system(W300)
CategoriesGlue binding machine (perfect binder)
Max binding width360mm
Max binding thickness45mm
Binding speed40-60 books/hours
Heating time20 min
Machine dimension690x380x500mm
Machine weight29kg
FOB portNingbo/Shanghai
Terms of PaymentT/T
Update Time2022/8/20
Detail Information

Desk-top perfect glue  binding machine W300

The desktop type manual binding machine can be operated by manually pushing the rubber pot during operation. It is suitable for small-volume production of books, tenders, document binding, etc. Before the book is made, it is necessary to press the cover strips (can be completed with a creasing machine). To determine the binding position of the cover and the inner page, then put the manual glue machine on the device, clamp, flip the handle, and let the back part of the book up, in order to make the plastic cup and the back of the book fully contact, so the book back up, push in the plastic pot During the brushing process (fan-shaped glue), give a gentle pressure on the back of the book, so that each piece of paper is glued, so that the book that is glued out is firmer, firmer, not loose, and does not drop pages.

  • Manual operation gluing

  • Manual cutting and manual binding 

  • Operation on desk-top

  • Machine dimension: 690x380x500

  • Machine weight: 29kg


  • Thickness 34mm

  • Punching up to 30 sheets

  • Max.thickness 50mm

  • Thickness 34mm

  • Punching up to 30 sheets

  • Max.thickness 50mm


Model Name


Max binding width


Max binding thickness


Binding speed

40-60 books/hour

Heating time

20 minutes

Machine dimension


Power consuming



AC 230V,50HZ
AC 110V,60HZ

After the brushing is completed, the handle should be quickly flipped and pressed down. In order to shape the book pressure, the back of the book is smooth and smooth, and the pressure of the pressure should be controlled. If the pressure is large, the back of the book will have wrinkles. If the strength is small, the back of the book is not The edges and corners are not beautiful, so the strength should be appropriate.

During the operation, try to master. Here, the hot melt adhesive used in the general binding machine is instantaneously solidified, so the glue is glued, the handle is turned, the book is pressed, and the action is coherent, so that the viscosity of the glue can be ensured to achieve the best effect, and the book is bound even more. firm. After the book is glued, cut it with a thick layer of paper cutter and cut it neatly.


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