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Hot and Cold Roller laminator (FM360)

Hot and Cold Roller laminator (FM360)

Hot and Cold Roller  laminator  (FM360)
Hot and Cold Roller  laminator  (FM360)Hot and Cold Roller  laminator  (FM360)Hot and Cold Roller  laminator  (FM360)
Max laminting width340mm
Max laminating thickness7mm
Laminating speed600-1600mm/min
Laminating temperature20-160.C
Power110/120/220-240V 50/60HZ/600W
FOB portNingbo/Shanghai
Terms of PaymentT/T
Update TimeJul 22,2024
Detail Information

Roller laminator FM360

Now it is possible to do one-sided lamination on an ordinary two-sided laminator. Obviously some material has to be used in place of one of the films: Kraft Paper can be used; it will stick to the film but can be trimmed off and discarded. Or, two rolls of single-sided lamination film can be used, with two items at once being placed back-to-back to be run through; they must be pretty well exactly the same size. But a problem here is that the laminations will almost certainly curl: single sided laminators have special design features to take care of this, but using a "Lay Flat" nylon film will help.

  • Adds new single side Anti-curl functions

  • The distinctive anti-curl function 

  • Adjustment lever can choose different position

  • Adds Trimming Cutter on left

  • Can operate A3 SIZE paper


  • Max. Width 340mm

  • Max. thickness up to 7mm

  • Film thickness up to 28mic

Single sided laminators are great for laminating shops and small print shops. A single side laminator is the perfect solution for high quality single side lamination of flyers, book covers, posters and more.

Model Name


Laminting width


Laminating thickness


Laminating speed


Laminating temperature


Control system

 8-bit microprocessor

Diameter of roll film




The laminating workshop is preferably a dust-free workshop to ensure the filming effect. The dust on the equipment and on the laminating roller must be completely removed before lamination

When the laminating machine is running, it is forbidden to put your fingers into the two rollers to avoid getting your hands. The pressure of the machine's pressing roller is high. Do not touch it with your hands to prevent burns.

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