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Hard drive shredder HD1800

Hard drive shredder HD1800

Hard drive shredder HD1800
Hard drive shredder HD1800Hard drive shredder HD1800Hard drive shredder HD1800
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Update TimeJul 22,2024
Detail Information
Hard Disk Shredder HD1800  Technican Data

Shredding Materials

HDD , SSD, Tape. CD

Security Level (DN 66399) 


Blade thickness 


After Shred size (HDD) 

HDD-36mmWidth* Random

No.of Blades

3 pcs 

Throughout hard drive per hour

> 200 ps

Shredding Time

< 15

Feeding Port Size 


Bin Capacity


Machine Size 

1044 Lx 630 (W) x 1090Hmm 

Machine Weight


Hard Drive Shredder for HDD and SSD combo destruction and recycling.

Hard drive shredders are industrial shredders that are used for permanently destroying computer hard drives. A hard drive is the electronic memory storage center of a computer. This is where all of a computer’s program files and documents are stored. Digitally stored information is difficult to delete; even after deleting files using a computer’s operating system, residual data remains unless it is overwritten or if the drive is physically destroyed.         

Heavy duty shedding construction design                          
A hard drive shredder combines the effectiveness of jagged, crushing rotors with assembly line efficiency. Though programs exist that allow for the complete erasure of data from a hard drive, clients like the United States military and large companies weigh the potential waste and environmental degradation caused by electronics pollution against the peace of mind that hard drive shredders afford. No data survive passage through a hard drive shredder. In order to smash through plastic and metal computer parts, hard drive shredders are be especially powerful. They often feature saw tooth hook cutters or rotary blades that cross-cut vertically and horizontally. The products of this shredding process are shards of metal, some of which are toxic, and none of which can be legally disposed of in landfills.


* Heavy duty blade with 36mm thickness.

* Specifically designed for office environments.

* Solid hardened steel knife it is able to shred the hard drive and its internal components including the data disk.

* Simply pushing a button.

* Compliance with safety requirements of CE.

*Security switch, auto reverse and cut-off to avoid shredding jam, bin-full auto sensor, cabinet door open/closed sensor and dust proof closed housing.


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